Sunday 1 May 2016

Welcome to my blog friends, fellow sewers and anyone else who may have stumbled across my blog! I'm an Aussie mum to three beautiful children & wife to one! My current occupation is full time mum, once I worked a "normal" job, but no longer!! The days are long and the nights are short! As any full time parent would know, your life often becomes consumed with caring for your children. My whole world evolves, revolves, around my children. There are no regrets there! However it is important to have something that keeps your identity. As a naturally creative person, I always yearn to fill those artistic impulses.

For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed drawing and painting! This is a painting I did almost 10 years ago now. These days I have very little time to complete such work. I've also experienced the devastation of having a toddler paint over an artwork I'd slaved over for hours. Yes, I did cry! So while the paint brushes are in hibernation, I turned to a much less messy creative outlet!

As a little girl, I remember my mother sewing. I was fortunate enough that she also taught me how to sew! I have very fond memories of my mothers retro Singer, yellow with flowers on it! While I never produced anything amazing on it, I still hold those memories dear. This is a photo of my mum and daughter taken approximately two years ago!! It has been said that my daughter & mother have some similarities, I believe its the expressive facial expressions they both share.

Only after having my daughter, I really realised how disappointed I was with commercial made clothing. I disliked the quality & sameness of it all. I desired something quality, feminine and reflective of an era gone by. So I pulled out my sewing machine & set to work!!

Two years on from that decision, I now have my own label, "Belles & Bows" ( and while I do sew for friends and the public, it has never been about profit. Sewing has gifted my daughter with an amazing wardrobe and filled my heart with joy. I'm able to fulfil my creative urges, be productive and keep my identity. My soul is TRULY fed on needle & thread!!
I hope you will stay tuned while I share my creative works, give pattern reviews & share my favourite pattern designers and connect with the sewing community.