Tuesday 30 August 2016

Moya Dress/Tunic - Pattern by Sew Honey Designs

Introducing the Moya dress/tunic pattern by Sew Honey Designs! This sweet dress features a unique circular yoke & concealed zip closure.

This wonderfully written PDF pattern comes with sizes 2T to 12 girls included. I would suggest the pattern is aimed at intermediate sewers as it requires a zip. Please don't let this deter you! If you decide the concealed zip is too much to handle, an exposed zip would be a delightful replacement!

I must admit, concealed/dress zips are not a closure I personally do a lot of - I prefer an invisible zip or even an exposed zip. In these circumstances I find YouTube to be an extremely useful tool. This is a great video here that shows you how to insert a zipper into a seam. I feel that I need to make a whole heap more of these dresses, so I can work on my concealed zip insertion!!
The Moya dress comes in two lengths - tunic - as shown here in the peach fabric. Then below I also made the dress version. The Moya dress in the smaller sizes had the yoke modified to fit toddler bodies better, so you may notice the dress below sits a little differently (it is the original version or version one.)

Paired with bubble shorts, the tunic version of Moya makes a delightful Spring/Summer outfit. It's gathered skirt is just right for active bodies but still gentle & feminine.  

The pattern gives instructions on how to add a faux button strip - using either a ruffle or flat panel. For the tunic, I also added a little bit of lace for whimsy.

As you can see, I had a terrific time choosing fabric!! Ice-cream for summer I say! (It's still winter here, but I'm very keen!)

Aside from the zipper, the next biggest challenge would be sewing the bodice lining and main together. It is very important to watch your seams around the armholes where the dress and yoke join. It is easy for the dress to either become pinched or lose a bit of its circular yoke shape.

This zipper unfortunately pulled open a little more than I would have liked at the bodice/skirt join. I believe this is due to my ribbon embellishment.

In closing I would like to compliment Debbie from Sew Honey Designs on her unique & beautiful design. Well thought out & a delight to sew.
If you would like to find out more or purchase this pattern, please click HERE

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Saturday 27 August 2016

Miss Daisy's Capsule Wardrobe - Patterns by Grammies Dolls

I've had the delight of testing this wonderful capsule wardrobe for Grammies Dolls. As always, I thoroughly enjoy sewing Grammies Dolls patterns. Yesteryear designs, which look adorable on little girls.

The nine separate looks created using the Bella Blouse & separate bottoms & jackets

This collection of patterns - known as "Miss Daisy's Wardrobe" - consists of 5 separate patterns. The Bella School Day Blouse & Skirt, Sopfyes Shirt, Summer's Crop Jacket and Carla's Pantaloons. 

I made eight separate garments. With only those eight, I was able to create 27, yes 27 different looks!!

I made one Bella blouse as shown above and also in the collage above.

The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have a miniature wardrobe with many different looks to suit different weather & even different occasions while only using a handful of garments!

These patterns include sizes 1 to 16 girls and suit sewing abilities from beginner to intermediate (if you consider buttonholes an intermediate skill.)

The nine different combinations using the collar-less Sophye Shirt 
The Sophye Shirt is a new sew to me, it is a peasant style shirt with sweet puff sleeves & gathered waist. 

Paired with a long sleeve, fleece lined Summer crop jacket it makes for an adorable Spring (or Fall) outfit.

I made two lengths of the Carla pantaloons, the capri (shown above) and the full length (shown below.)

The pantaloons also include a short length, so potentially has three different looks all of its own. I made two Summer jackets - one short sleeve - above - and one long sleeved (below.) Both jackets I chose to line - I like the weight of a lined jacket and also the finish it produces. Lined clothing - especially jackets just ooze quality. I highly recommend taking the extra time & effort to line them.  

All my garments are made from either 100% cotton or a poly/cotton blend (excluding the fleece lining used for the long sleeved jacket & the tulle used for the Bella skirt.)

I have full reviews for the Summer's Breeze Crop Jacket and Bella's School Day Blouse & Skirt , please take a look to find out more about these patterns individually.

The last nine combinations using the collared version of the Sophyes Shirt

I was so lucky so have the opportunity to take the last of the snaps (photos) at the beach!! It is still WINTER here in Australia, but we had a beautiful, clear, not-so-cold day! 

The last shirt I made, I decided to see what it would look like with a collar, so I used the collar from the Bella blouse. I used this collar so the look could easily be replicated, however I did find that the collar is actually a bit short. The neck line required gathering and perhaps I should have gathered it more. If I try this modification again, I'll likely draft a different collar.

It may come across that we are bird watchers with all the birds we seem to have in our photos!! I can assure you it is just a lucky coincidence! Here is an Australian Pelican .

While my daughter has a wardrobe more like a space station than a capsule, I love the idea! This is also a great way to try out a collection of Grammies Doll's patterns.
If you would like to purchase Miss Daisy's Wardrobe, please click HERE 

Please check out one of my fellow pattern testers - Amanda from Crazy Davis Life - wonderful blog post HERE

Saturday 20 August 2016

My SEW crazy July (and some of August too!)

421 Myers Design Studio

I'm doing a HUGE July post because I had such a busy month and I want to share with you all in one lump sum - as it were!! So lets start off with a brand new designer with a brand new FREE pattern!!

This little headband is such a fast easy sew and it means you can custom accessorise any outfit. 421 Myers Design Studio is a brand new name in the PDF design business and it was a pleasure to test her headband pattern, the very first pattern release by 421.

I used FOE - fold over elastic for my headband band, but you could also use any store bought alternative.

The bow itself is only made from three very small pieces of fabric and makes a super scrap buster! You will need a glue gun or strong fabric glue to secure your bow to your elastic. This is a very easy, very simple, but VERY clever and stylish pattern!

Again from 421 Myers headband pattern collection is the knot tie headband.

Again, a great scrap buster and very easy to sew! It has an elasticated back for comfort & fit.

I have really enjoyed this pattern test and if you want to sew these babies up you will need to join the 421 Myers Design Studio FaceBook Page (patterns come in infant to adult sizes.)


Always Summer Dress & Tunic

by Sew Honey Designs

Yet another wonderful design by Debbie of Sew Honey Designs. The Always Summer dress/tunic is as fancy or as simple as you wish for it to be. This dress pattern comes in sizes 2T to 12 girls.

The bodice is made from knit fabric for a comfortable fit and the skirt can be made from knit or woven fabrics. I chose a woven lightweight denim for my skirt.

There are three options for the back bodice, deep scoop, banded (as shown) or rounded. I also chose to pop on some bows on the bands! (Directions are provided in the pattern.)

This pattern would suit adventurous beginners, or any sewer willing to work with knit. It is a fantastic pattern to take the knit "plunge" with.

This is the dress length, but I also tested the tunic length - as shown further down. The dress is a modest length while still short enough to play in - very important when it comes to small children!!

If your sewing the banded version - as I did - a technique called the "burrito roll" is required. This may seem complicated at first, but no fear, Debbie has even made a short YouTube video to show you how it all works! The link is provided in the pattern.

"But I don't WANT my photo taken!"
This is a real inside look at how our photo shoots work! Toddlers and photos are like chalk and cheese I find!! A lot of bribing happens.... Jelly babies are the new favourite!

For our tunic version of Always Summer I made a layered skirt - poplin lining with a lace outer skirt. This works really well and there were some wonderful testers who made some especially stunning layered versions.

'That's it!!"
To purchase this pattern, please visit Sew Honey Design HERE

Bella's School Day Skirt & Top

by Grammie's Dolls

This was another amazing July sew, but rather than go over the patterns again, I'll pop in the link. This way you can read my full review if you choose - or simply enjoy all my photos here!

P.s. These gorgeous bubble shorts were also made this July. They are the Rose Bubble shorts, pattern by Bella Sunshine Designs. Love this pattern? Get it HERE

Also paired with the beautiful Bella top is another pair of Bella Sunshine Design Rose Bubble Shorts. I was able to test these shorts before they released and you can read my full review!

This was a test version of the Bella blouse that needed adjustments (placket for dressing ease.) Despite this, this blouse was my favourite July sew! I just adore some whimsy and with the bold flower print, the 60s were back!

Paired with the blouse and shown again here was yet another July favourite...... the Berry Bubble Shorts - pattern by Mummykins & Me. If you would like to read more about my review on the Berry shorts, please do so HERE

Debut Dress

by Sew Honey Designs

Surely it wasn't July that I sewed this number?! Gosh, time flies by at an astonishing speed! Winter is nearly done here in Australia and I'm excited to sew more of these for Spring. This is the Debut Dress, pattern by Sew Honey Designs.

I also chose to add a big bow for embellishment and blogged about how to make your very own big bow! To read my full review on the Debut Dress, click HERE

Gretchen Cardigan

by Violette Field Threads 

Now, this wasn't a pattern test..... I often sew patterns that I come across and take a fancy to. The Gretchen Cardigan spoke to me..... casual, yet dressy, warm, yet feminine & fun.  

I made this version from a brushed fleece. It is a pattern that asks for knit fabric and while fleece may not be all that stretchy, it had enough stretch to work!

I did shorten the pattern a little - as my test turned out longer than I liked.... so double check your child's sizing. The length was added through the ruffles and I needed to shorten by nearly a ruffle length. This pattern suits intermediate sewers and comes with sizes 2T to 10 girls included. To purchase the pattern, do so HERE

Pathfinder Vest

by Big Little Patterns

This sew just crept into July.... it was part of a pattern test for the Pathfinder Vest, pattern by Big Little.

This wonderful unisex pattern will not disappoint! To read my full review, click HERE


Sparkle's Twirl Dress or Tunic

by Grammies Dolls

I'm now a regular tester over at Grammies Dolls headquarters, and very pleased to be so! Theresa has a knack for designing vintage inspired childrens' clothing and I can't get enough of that vintage feel!

Above shows the dress length of the Sparkle's twirl dress. This pattern includes sizes 1 to 12 girls.

This version is the tunic length and it really does remind me of dolls clothing! 

You can add the flutters to the sleeves or leave off. The dress closes with a single button at the back - although a snap or two would work instead.

This dress is perfect for layering, but on its own makes a wonderful breezy summer dress.

I really like the square cut top and the flow of this dress. Bring on Summer I say!
If you would like to purchase the Sparkles Twirl Dress, please visit Grammies Dolls HERE

St Tropez Swing Dress/Tunic

by Mummykins & Me

I'll try not to repeat myself, but I so enjoyed this sew! It is as beautiful inside as out..... no raw edges, beautiful French seams and binding. Best of all, this pattern comes in Mummy sizes too!

To read my full review on St Tropez Swing, please visit my post HERE or visit Mummykins & Me directly.

Last month, me and my daughter, nieces and sister-in-law visited an antique sewing show. While there, we were able to try out some of the antique machines!! I can truly appreciate our modern technology after trying out those pedal machines!! Although sewing way when would have kept one very fit!!

Childrens' sewing machines dating back to the 1920s

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The socks were all Miss 2's idea!
I'm currently in the middle of a few tests, one for Grammies Dolls and I'm super excited to share a small insight into what I've been sewing this month (August.)
 The dress above is Dylan's dress, a dungaree style dress (pattern includes the full dungaree version too!) It is perfect for featuring a special embroidery or fabric panel..... pattern found HERE

And of course I couldn't not show you these AMAZING mary jane style shoes!! How darn adorable are they?! Perfect with Hello Kitty.... although perfect with anything in my cat obsessed daughter's opinion! 

In closing, its been a full July and a full August too really! I'll have more to share this week, including a re-visit into the Maillot pattern by Call Ajaire and more from some of my favourites!