Sunday 2 December 2018

Going down to Comfy Town with Rebecca Page

G'day there traveller! Welcome to my corner of the world, Western Australia. Our Christmases are always HOT and what better to wear on hot days? Yes.......comfortable, cool, cotton clothing! At my stop on The Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour you'll see the Paris Party Dress shirt paired with modified Pippa Pants.
Keep reading (or just scroll down) until the end, because you have a chance to WIN some awesome prizes just by visiting the Comfy Town blog posts!

You'll notice right away that I've adorned my daughters Paris Tee with a cute vinyl saying and image. This is a FREE......yes FREE cut-file available as part of the "Comfy Town" collection on the Rebecca Page website.

These Pippas are shortened into short shorts. The pattern comes with standard length and 3/4 length pants.

To achieve this look with the Pippa Pants Rebecca Page PDF pattern, you'll just need to chop off most of the leg part of the pattern piece. Work out how short you would like your Pippa shorts, then *zip* off they go! Don't forget to allow for hemming, 1/2" (12mm) should do the trick.

I also added a little side ruche. Easily done by creating a double channel on each side of the shorts and threading ribbon through. The ruching just kicked out the sides of the shorts a little and added in some bow-a-luscious fun to the shorts.  

The Paris Party dress is another FREE pattern! WHAT?! Yes! Another freebie for you! Just join the Rebecca Page sewing community on Facebook and find the coupon code in the pinned post.

I opted to sew the full length shirt with basic short sleeves and scoop neckline. Yes, I could have bought a white tee from Target for less than the cost of the fabric....but where's the fun in that?! We don't sew to save money now do we!! *Laughs hysterically, then cries a little.*

White shirt stayed white for a whole of 30 minutes.....but at least it was clean for photos!

My little lion child didn't want her hair tied back, so it of course went everywhere! (Can you believe she was bald until 2 years old?!) 

Doing her best lion impression for me!

Now let me just say this, if you're new to iron on vinyl, be prepared to make some errors! I don't care to admit how long this took me to get right......but here is my best advice:
Know your machine's software! This is important if you need to convert file types.
Make sure you mirror your image! (Yes I did cut one out backwards! Gah!)
Iron your fabric first to warm it up, then apply vinyl.
You need to press VERY HARD with your home iron to get it to stick well. By that, I mean your stomach muscles should be clenching and your knuckles white.....or use a proper press.
Buy good quality vinyl and follow the advice it provides you on correct temperatures and length of pressing time. 
Good luck! I know you'll be creating your own personalised vinyl printing clothing/items in no time with no trouble at all!

Here we are friends, at the end! Before I bid you a Merry Christmas please know that both The Pippa Pants and Paris Party Dress are available in children's and women's sizes, newborn up to 5XL. Like all Rebecca Page patterns they have no trim pattern pieces and excellent tutorials. So whether you are sewing for hot or cold climates, both of these patterns sew up comfort.  
To win some great prizes you MUST COMMENT on each of the Comfy Town blog's as easy as that!

Please visit all the stops on the Rebecca Page Comfy Town Blog Tour. Don't forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter the giveaway posts in our Facebook group for a chance to win some prizes from Rebecca Page.
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Saturday 22 September 2018

Seronera Jacket Pattern by Sansahash - PLUS your chance to win a copy!

Greetings! Welcome to my blog. Today I am sharing one of my latest sews, one I was able to use for both my son and daughter (which was a lovely change.)
This is the Seronera jacket by Mgeni of Sansahash. What I love most about Mgeni's designs is that they are very child friendly and wearable. You'll sew her patterns and your child will actually WANT to wear these clothes. Seronera is no different!  

This unisex design comes with two different looks, sporty - as my daughter is wearing or long (with the narrower waistband) like my son is wearing.

With layered pattern pieces for grading and printing ease, getting the perfect fit is easy as pie.

Optional welt pockets and thumb holes for the cuffs add fun and practicality to this design.

The jacket is faced, so is relatively lightweight. A sewist with some skill could fully line the garment if they chose. The pattern requires intermediate sewing skills in my opinion. Welt pockets and zippers into knit fabrics can be a challenge - however, with the clear instructions it is possible for everyone to have a go!  
This PDF pattern includes sizes 6 months to 12 years approximately, available in English and Dutch.

Want to win your own copy? All you need to do is comment on my blog post and then head over to the Sansahash Seronera blog post and comment there to go in the draw to win! Easy peasy folks! While you're there, don't forget to visit all the other amazing bloggers!
Need more inspiration? Join the Sansahash Facebook community HERE.
Want the pattern now? Visit Sansahash HERE.
Until next time,
Happy Sewing!
~ Zoe ~

Monday 20 August 2018

Spring Fling with Rebecca Page Patterns

Turning the Page: Sewing for the Seasons


Welcome sewing friends! I don't give enough shout outs to Rebecca Page patterns, but I really should. Rebecca designs such stunning patterns and I am lucky enough to be a part of her awesome crew. I have sewn up most of her patterns (not all - there are a lot and something for everyone!) Today I will be sharing 3 of her contemporary, yet vintage inspired pdf patterns.
With 3 patterns and 6 garments I have created a mini capsule wardrobe and show cased 9 different looks! With only a few more variations of these patterns, 9 looks could easily turn into 18 and beyond!
I am turning the page with Rebecca Page! Welcome to Spring traveller!
(P.s. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom for your chance to WIN some fabulous prizes!)

Modified Pintuck Brielle 

Look One

I will keep the writing short as I have so many photos and pictures tell a thousand words. This look was achieved using the thigh length Arabella skirt pattern, paired with my modified Brielle.

Instead of pleating the blouse around the neckline, I have instead added 4 pintucks, added cap sleaves and lengthened the collar to create a pussy bow that ties at the back.

Pussy cat boots from Target

Look Two

This is my modified Brielle again, paired with straight legged Berry Bubble shorts.

The Berry Bubble shorts are fully lined, delicious inside and out. All the patterns I have sewn are available in children, ladies and dolls sizes.

Bling buttons.......just......because! (I do love buttons!)

Look Three

The Berry Bubble pants are available as an add on to the original Berry pattern and do not require lining. This pair is upcycled from some old cotton capris.  

I love the wide legs of the Berry pants and appreciate the way the pintucks compliment the plaid pants.

The short sleeves of my modified Brielle, paired with the Berry pants makes a lovely combination for Spring weather.......which tends to start off cool here in Western Australia.

Classic Sleeveless Brielle

Look Four

I had been searching for baby blue cotton poplin in a solid colour to sew the classic sleeveless Brielle, but could not find anything suitable in my local fabric stores. So out of the stash came this pink and gold print poplin.

Sleeveless blouses are lovely come the warmer months, however, when paired with the right bottoms, still provide enough coverage.

I love the back bow on the Arabella - I did botch the back placket on the back of this Brielle I'm afraid - I would recommend using the facing to finish this blouse (has a neater appearance I think.)

Look Five

This combination - of the sleeveless Brielle and Berry shorts was better suited for a warmer day (we are still technically experiencing winter! So poor Miss A was a little chilly!)

The Mumma and bubba unicorn fabric from Sems Fabric was the perfect representation of Spring - new life, flowers, greenery and freshness. 

Look Six

Sleeveless Brielle with Berry pants.


Classic Long Sleeved Brielle

Look Seven

This version of the classic long sleeved Brielle was sewn in glitter chiffon! (Sometimes I'm reckless like that!) However, Brielle LOVES to be sewn in lightweight fabric with great drape, so the chiffon was a perfect option.

Paired with Arabella, this blouse had a whimsical feel, she was ready dressed for a wedding or a party! 


Look Eight

Nearly as glam as the Arabella pairing above, the blouse still sparkled (literally) with the Berry shorts.

I chose to add buttonholes to my Brielle cuffs - instruction for this is not included in the pattern. If you choose to do this, please double check the wearers wrist size (so there is enough over lap for the buttonholes.) 


Look Nine

Lucky last combo! The long sleeved Brielle paired with the Berry pants, for those cooler Spring days!

Now you've made it here! Well done - I had a LOT of photos and I hope some of these combinations have inspired you to sew something for your or your child's wardrobe for the coming Spring (or Autumn.)
Please know that all Rebecca Page patterns are layered for grading ease, with no trim pages and very clear tutorials. Each pattern has been drafted with care so you get the perfect fit.

But wait......there's more!! Please keep following the tour to see even more looks, especially sewn for Spring and Autumn in mind.
Happy sewing!
~ Zoe ~
Please visit all the stops on the Turning the Page: Sewing for the Changing Seasons Blog Tour with Rebecca Page. Don't forget to comment on the blogs each day and enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win some fantastic prizes from our fabric sponsors!
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