Saturday 23 June 2018

Harmania PDF Sewing Pattern by Sansahash

Welcome!! Let me introduce you to Sansahash's latest pattern, the Harmania dress! (I do enjoy the makes me think of harmonious organized chaos!)

Harmania comes with sizes 6 months to 12 years included. Layered pattern pieces and clear grading instructions for a perfect fit! 

Harmania comes with several sleeve options:
  • Spaghetti strap (or sleeveless)
  • Short sleeve
  • 3/4 length sleeve
  • Long sleeve (as per my sample.)

This pattern has the option of adding godets, which are segment shaped inserts sewn into the skirt. Now, I'm not a novice sewer, but I did find the godets a real challenge with the knit fabric! Like a BIG challenge and to be honest I wasn't happy with my sewing - even with hand sewing the tips of the godets.
Let me say here, this is not a pattern issue, other testers had no issues and the instructions are clear (I personally just had a difficult time! Some find zips a challenge.....apparently it's godets for me!) 

"Come on Mum!" (My little lady doesn't always enjoy photos!)

Even though I found the godets a challenge, I ADORE the end result and so did my little Miss! It turned an 'A' line shaped dress into a full circle was worth the pain!
Allow extra time when sewing the godets, minus the godets this is a quick 20 minutes quick....with the godets, allow at least an extra hour or more! (If you're like me any way!)

Full twirl in action!! My version is made from 4 way stretch cotton jersey, with sequin knit godets. (We love a little sparkle in our house!)

If you are looking for a fun, sporty, fast knit sew, Harmania is the one for you! I can see this pattern sewn up as the most adorable cheerleader or sports dresses! My husband thought this version looked like an ice-skaters costume! (I agree!)
To see more inspiration or share your Sansahash sews, please join the Facebook group HERE.
To get your copy of the Harmania, visit Sansahash HERE.
Happy Sewing!

Sunday 10 June 2018

Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018 + Pattern GIVE AWAY

Welcome to my stop on the Sansahash 2018 Summer Blog Tour! (It's winter here in Australia.....but lets just overlook that for a moment, same diff!)
Please make sure you scroll ALL the way to them bottom for your chance to WIN a Sansahash pattern of choice!
 Such a pleasure it is to sew and share some of Mgeni's beautiful, modern, yet very feminine patterns! Now, I have done a couple of blog tours and I'm still left wondering if I'm doing it right?! But for the most part I'm just going to bombard you with they speak a universal language. 

I selected to sew "Lana" as my feature. My version has subtle changes made......a hi-lo hem and a deep scoop back - yes......I will share my secrets (well, they're not really secrets....but I'll share! hehe)

The Lana pattern comes with sizes 6 months to 12 years included and layered pattern pieces for ease of grading and/or printing only select sizes.

This knit pattern includes an amazing full circle skirt for excellent twirl - and lets face it - twirl matters!  

 To make a hi-lo hem on your Lana just like I have, you will need to visit the Sansahash Blog HERE to see how it's done (I promise it is all rather easy!) 
My custom mermaid knit came from Fabricaholic

 The Lana pattern has a scooped back and ties just below the neck as per my version here, although I wanted to lower that backline further (I believe in sunscreen, lots and lots of sunscreen!)

So if you would like to emulate, please visit my earlier blog post HERE to see how this is done, the same alterations I made to the Nilah back pattern piece apply.

I just love how dramatic the hi-lo hem is, add pom-pom trim and you will have a very delighted 4yr old! (The original pattern has a beautiful rolled hem ruffle, I omitted this so I could add in the pom-poms.)

 Lana comes with 4 sleeve options, sleeveless, short puff (like mine), 3/4 length and long.

Lana is a quick sew, and if you're unsure about sewing with knit, then keep your friends close....and by friends I mean your iron and starch spray!!
Steam is your friend! Any warping or stretching, blast that infraction with a heap of steam!! You don't even need to press directly, just hold your iron just above the offending area.
Starch is ultra useful when it comes to making binding, it helps the binding press without curling up.

Curious about our backdrop? I know I love seeing photos of all different corners of our globe! 
The afternoon of our little shoot we met with friends and family at the new Optus Stadium in Perth, Western Australia.  

This is the current construction of a new bridge just near the stadium - apparently people will be able to scale it for a price!! (I think I'll stick to the footpath!)

Optus Stadium - in all it's birds nest-esk glory!

Lana is a great sew, with stunning results, so if you would like to get your copy at 40% off, please head on over to the Sansahash shop.
But WAIT! There's more!

Just quickly, another Lana hack! I sewed up this Lana romper hack using the Sansahash Lana pattern top bodice and Ellie & Mac's "Hip, Hop, Romper" for the bottom section.

Miss A and I love the results!! A comfy romper with pockets that simply pulls down for bathroom breaks (if your child is still little, they may need help with the ties.)

You'll need to apply the deep scoop hack for the this mod - so your child can easily slip the romper on and off from the neckline.

Long sleeves are included in the Lana pattern
Lastly....and the GIVE AWAY!

Did I mention how much I love sewing Sansashash patterns? No? You can't tell?! Well, I do! And this top - from the Zahara pattern is now another favourite of ours! This one is for those who don't enjoy sewing with knit!  

I adore the sharp lines and the invisible zip closure, not to mention it is a fully lined garment! Perfect for casual neat wear or to sew up that special glamorous party dress! My only mod is the bias binding finish (instead of a standard hem.)
I will mention now, for this pattern, it is important that you measure your child well! This avoids gaping and allows for some movement without being tight. 

To win, to WIN!
Yes, yes, I know this is what you've been scrolling for!
For your chance to win a FREE Sansahash pattern, please use the Rafflecopter below.

BUT WAIT! There's more!
Everyone is a winner with 40% off SITE WIDE at Sansahash until the 14th of June 2018.
Please sewing friends, go now and check out the other amazing Sansahash sews by the other, very talented seamstresses on the tour! 
PLUS!! By visiting, there are even more chances to win!! EVERY blogger is giving away 1 pattern!!That's 31 FREE patterns!! PLUS! Visit Sansahash's Instragram for more prizes!
A big thank you goes out to Mgeni for allowing me to share these beautiful sews with you. Thank you for stopping by and happy sewing!
~ Zoe ~

Sansahash Summer Blog Tour 2018!

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Saturday 2 June 2018

Duchess & Hare - PDF patterns Sunny Side, Heat Wave & U-Turn

I know, it's been a while since posts, but three children + full time university has meant sewing has taken a back seat. However, I can't help but sew! Sooooo.....please let me share with you three of the latest PDF patterns by Duchess & Hare, starting with Sunny Side and Heat Wave.

Sunny Side & Heat Wave 

Sunny Side is a gorgeous halter or tie back top or mini dress, with a sweet top frill/ruffle. This is the dress version with pom pom trim added. 

I opted for the tie back option for my 4 year old, however the halter ties are just as aesthetically pleasing and functional. I also added some beads to my ties - just for fun!

Like all Duchess & Hare patterns, both the Sunny Side and Heat Wave come with layered pattern pieces. These two patterns include sizes 2 to 12. 

Heat Wave shorts are the perfect accompaniment to Sunny Side and can be made with a scalloped hem or straight if you prefer or want to whip up a 5 minute quick sew pair of shorts! (They are literately that quick and easy!) Scalloped hem will take more time, but the results are so pleasing! 

Big Bow is Duchess & Hare's FREE bow pattern increased by 150%
This adorable koala fabric was the perfect choice for a top length Sunny Side.

Sunny side comes with an elasticated back and beautifully enclosed lined bodice. Heat Wave has an elasticated waistband and enclosed scallop hem (if choosing this option.)  

If you would like to know more about the Sunny Side and Heat Wave patterns, please click HERE.

U-Turn Dress


Now that winter has officially hit us here in Western Australia, I opted to sew the U-Turn in heavier fabrics, although this dress is the perfect all-rounder!

This plaid wool was a generous gift from a dear friend and I'm so pleased I used it to sew the U-Turn dress. The U-Turn pattern includes sizes 6 months to 8 and comes with layered pattern pieces. 

With a cross over back, the skirt is beautifully full, especially if you choose to make a reversible dress!! (You will need to use snaps instead of buttons for a reversible dress.)

I can't resist buttons, so I made non-reversible versions and love the results in medium weight fabrics. The unicorn fabric is pinwale cord.
This is an earlier test version and has since had length added to the vintage length.
 You can choose bodice/sleeve flutters, or leave them off. A hem ruffle is also an available option, plus pockets!! Boy, we do LOVE pockets!

Blouses paired with my versions of the U-Turn dresses are the Muttonchop (as shown above) or the Story Book blouse (in the satin, paired with the unicorn dress.)
To see more on the U-Turn or purchase the pattern, please visit Duchess & Hare HERE.
Want to see more inspiration or share your Duchess & Hare sews? Please join the Duchess & Hare Facebook pattern group HERE.
Like the bonnet? This sweet pattern is the Evergreen bonnet by Twig Tale.
Happy sewing!
~ Zoe ~