Wednesday 29 June 2016

Amsterdam Coat & Twirltastic Tutu - Mummykins & Me - Pattern Review

I've been meaning to sit down and blog for a while now.... but would you believe three children and all the actual sewing, tend to get in the way of writing?!
Well, here I am and I'm excited to show you another two patterns from Mummykins & Me.

This first pattern is a super fun ribbon trimmed tutu - the Twirltastic Tutu. The PDF pattern comes with sizes newborn to 12 girls included.

This is a fabulous beginners pattern and if you choose to leave off the ribbon, it is completely sew free!! That's right..... NO SEWING MACHINE NEEDED!

I found the trickiest part to this pattern was actually fighting all that tulle to sew on the ribbon trims. It would be very difficult to tie on the tulle with the ribbon sewn on before hand, so unfortunately its one of those tedious jobs that must be done once assembled.

I made a 2T version for my daughter, with two layers of tulle. I actually don't feel it was needed for this size tutu and would recommend trying a single layer first and assessing.

This was a very fun project and I thoroughly enjoyed making it and seeing my daughter's face light up when she tried it on!

The detailed instructions provide directions for making this tutu from tulle on the roll, but also provide cutting charts if your buying your tulle off the bolt too. My top tip would be to measure your intended wearer and cut the tulle lengths to size.

Now, here's the best part........ this pattern can be yours completely FREE if you join us over at the Mummykins & Me pattern group!!! Find the group HERE
Alternatively, you can find out more, or purchase the pattern directly from Mummykins & Me HERE

Amsterdam All-Weather Coat

It is now winter here in Australia and it probably seems completely at contrast from other places in the world, but there is always room in your child's wardrobe for a beautiful coat.... and this coat, just like it's name implies, can be made for all seasons.

This extremely well written PDF pattern by Mummykins & Me is a fully lined, unisex coat, which includes sizes newborn to 12 kids. But not only has a matching MUMMY version too!!

Military inspired, hooded, lined, optional pockets and faux wrist tabs and beautiful feature button loops.....this really is a statement piece.

I made my version in wool & lined it with quilters cotton. However, this pattern makes a perfect lightweight coat or rain-jacket.

This gorgeous print is one by designer Jennifer Paganelli. It really added a stunning "something" to the coat, while remaining un-busy on the outside.

This coat is an intermediate sew. Its a time consuming project that I highly recommend you take your time on.....I was personally up until 2am the evening I started I was so excited to pull it the right way through & reveal the completed masterpiece!  

I loved sewing this pattern...... it was like constructing an artwork and I revelled in each moment. It was truly amazing to start out with flat fabrics, then cut and sew something so involved and beautiful......there is something amazing about creating clothing and I have a great appreciation for those who design it. You will not be disappointed with the Amsterdam Coat, in fact you will be so proud of yourself and so pleased with the result, you will want to make another one as soon as possible......after a coffee or 10!
If you would like to find out more about the Amsterdam coat or purchase the pattern, click HERE

Monday 20 June 2016

Berry Bubble Shorts - Sew-a-long by Mummykins & Me

Recently I took part in the wonderfully fun "Berry Bubble Shorts" sew-a-long run by Mummykins & Me patterns.

It was a dilemma as to weather I would purchase the pattern & take part, as the weather here in the golden land of Oz is not so golden at the moment! I was talked into it and very pleased I was!!

These puffy, fully lined, pocketed, flat front shorts are simply sublime & scream of quality inside and out.

The PDF pattern includes sizes newborn to 12 girls. The shorts have the option of gathered bubble legs or straight. Adjustable elastic waist or fixed elastic waistband.

I chose for my versions to have the bubble leg & fixed elastic waistband. I altered the elastic insertion & will show you how shortly.

Since it is winter here in Australia I decided on a heavier fabric as the main - a stunning dark blue velvet and then lined the shorts with some bright blue floral quilters cotton. (As shown in the blouse.)

If your sewing with heavier fabrics, make sure you use a needle suited to the job. I did break a needle or two making these shorts & I should have popped a "jeans" needle in earlier in the sew.

These shorts ask for four functional feature buttons for the front waistband panel. This is an excellent opportunity to show off some gorgeous buttons! I of course being the button lover that I am couldn't resist some shining bling to set off my dark velvet. 
This pattern is suitable for intermediate sewers. You will need to sew in four buttonholes and given the shorts are fully lined, it can be a rather involved sew.

Dandy Dylan Blouse - Pattern by Grammies Dolls
I highly recommend pressing when the pattern requires it - I know its easier not to, but for this pattern it is particularly important. The pattern is well written & photos of each step provided to guide you.

I'm very pleased with the end result and paired with leggings, makes a wonderful winter wardrobe option.


Alternative Fixed Elastic Option

I decided when I read the directions on the elastic insertion that I would do something a little different. I wanted the elastic to sit a little further back & away from where the buttons would be stitched  on. Complete the pattern as directed up until the elastic insertion part.

Firstly, you will need to allow for the elastic to be a bit shorter, as its sitting further back. Measure your model or subtract the length from the side yokes where your elastic will now sit. I simply made a mark on the panels where the front panel overlaps.

 Take your elastic and pin it to the inside of the lining only - right where you've made your mark. Try & butt it up against the top stitching but not over it as you'll pinch the top of the waistband.

Elastic sitting internally just above your top stitch line

I like to use the stretch stitch or the little lightening shaped stitch to secure elastic on. You will see the stitch from the inside on the lining. Try & match your bobbin thread to your lining fabric colour.
You will see some stitching internally along the waistband where your elastic is fixed

Repeat the process with the other side. Make sure you don't twist your elastic while pinning then sewing the other end on.
Externally there will be no visible stitching

Once elastic is secured on both sides, your shorts should look similar to this

Once the elastic is secured, generously pin the internal waistband to the main waistband. This is going to be a little bit tricky as the elastic will gather. As you've pressed the internal waistband prior, the lining will just cover the stitching from the main waistband.

If you've placed your pins carefully, they can be used as a guide, so when your stitching from the outside, your also catching the lining. Make sure you go slowly, stretch out the waistband while sewing.

Now you've enclosed your waistband! While there will be a line of stitching internally, nothing will be seen from the outside & you can fix on your buttons easily!

I chose to sew on the leg bands when I gathered them. So all that was left was buttons.

No matter how you insert your elastic, you will have a wonderful pair of stylish & comfortable shorts!!

More photos! (Just so you know how adorable these shorts are!)


If you would like to purchase the Berry Bubble Shorts pattern or find out more, please visit Mummykins & Me HERE
If you would like to find out more or purchase the Dandy Dylan Blouse/Playsuit outfit, please visit Grammies Dolls HERE
Did you notice the cute FMA? (Free Motion Applique.) This is the Eloise Trapeze design by Ric Rac & Retro. If you would like to try your hand at free motion (which I highly recommend you do!) You can purchase the Eloise design HERE

Friday 17 June 2016

Dandy Dylan's Playsuit (or dress in this case!) - Pattern by Grammies Dolls

Introducing the classically cute Dandy Dylan's Playsuit PDF pattern by Grammies Dolls.
For sizes Newborn to 6 years, in boys and girls options.

This pattern includes dungaree style pants or shorts or skirt for your little Miss. I have made the skirt option in pinwale corduroy for my tester and is perfect for our cooling weather in Australia.

The front bib panel is the perfect place to add some embellishment, that beautiful feature fabric, embroidery, smocking (directions given in the pattern!) Or even some FMA - free motion applique as I've done here!

The straps are buttoned internally, however it is a simple task to add snaps in place of buttons if desired. (Also suitable for those who don't wish to tackle buttonholes!) The straps provide enough room to add some adjustment, so there's plenty of room for fast growing bodies!

This pattern also includes the shirt or blouse pattern, which is a fabulous bonus really! I've already made more blouses from this pattern! I even added piping to the collar, because, well, I really couldn't help myself!

The straps are put together in a rather clever way, so make sure you follow the directions carefully (which are well written and illustrated.) The construction is done in such a way that means the garment is beautiful inside and out.

With all the construction involved in the outfit, blouse and dungarees/dress I would recommend this pattern be attempted by intermediate sewers or at the very least an advanced beginner keen to stretch themselves. It is certainly worth the effort as you'll be rewarded with a complete outfit, ready for play or even for that special outing!

"Watch out!! Gumnuts falling!!"
To find out more or purchase the pattern, please visit Grammies Dolls HERE