Wednesday 24 May 2017

Sunday (or Wednesday) Picnic Dress!! Entry #2 for #DRESSEDINSEWPONY

After my ultra bright Miss Polly entry into the "Dressed in SewPony" sewing competition, I wanted to try something different, a little more sedate with one of Suz's other patterns. 

So here is my Sunday Picnic dress!

I'll just set the scene here for you, before you scroll (so it all makes better sense!) On this brisk Wednesday morning I decided to visit a local sculpture gallery.

Here is one of my favourites! "The Rolling pin"

All I could think of was giant animated play-dough! 

Poor little play-dough men!! Hehehe.......Miss A also thought this was a very amusing sculpture!! 

If you are ever in Perth Western Australia (or live here), do take time to visit the Gomboc Gallery, I can't show you all that much since this is in fact a blog about the Sunday Picnic Dress!
The Sunday Picnic dress isn't one of the newest SewPony patterns, however it is still charming and a fabulous sew.

The Sunday Picnic dress has four sleeve options, sleeveless (like mine), short, 3/4 and long.

You can choose to add piping to the bodice and pockets - or leave it off! (But I adore piping, so I'll add it whenever I can!)

The buttons are purely for decorative purposes only, so don't panic if your allergic to buttonholes!

I added five small buttons, although the pattern asks for 3 - 4 large ones. Creative license is what I find most appealing about sewing for my sometimes I take the dangerous driving course with that license in hand!

Closure is via invisible zip at the back of the dress. Invisible zips really aren't that scary! I promise! In fact I MUCH prefer them to regular dress zip insertion, plus the finish inside and out is so much neater!

Faux fur cat bonnet to warm her! Evergreen bonnet pattern by Twig & Tale
Giant squashed soft drink can sculpture!

Inside said soft drink can sculpture was a small living space!!

The Sunday Picnic dress pattern includes sizes 12 months to 10 years (approximately.)

I would recommend this pattern for intermediate sewers. Knowledge of invisible zip insertion helpful, along with general sewing knowledge and familiarity with sewing patterns of intermediate level.

Mirror-like abstract sculpture
Miss A and I had a great time "working out" this sculpture!  
I choose to sew my version of the Sunday Picnic dress from soft cotton drill - found at my local Spotlight store! Irresistible in cat print, another perfect choice for my little cat lady!

Zip finishes at the skirt line

Paired with the Muttonchop blouse by Duchess & Hare, the sleeveless Sunday Picnic is perfect for our looming winter! 

My very own little feline wild thing!

The Sunday Picnic dress also has an optional square collar. One would need to omit the neckline piping if the collar is used.
I love the simple A-line shape to this dress and its useful pockets! All the best dresses have pockets!

If you would like to enter in the #DRESSEDINSEWPONY sewing contest, there is still time! Entries must be in by the 2nd of June 2017. This competition is open to Australian and International contestants! With a huge prizes to win, pull out your machine & get sewing!! Use coupon code DRESSEDINSEWPONY to get 10% off all SewPony patterns until competition close.

Good luck & happy sewing!
~ Zoe ~

Sunday 21 May 2017

Ready, Set, GO! Miss Polly - SewPony Sewing Competition

I was so excited to see Suz's announcement of the HUGE SewPony sewing contest!

With entries open to Australian and International applicants, there is well over $1000 worth of prizes up for grabs!

I couldn't resist sewing up the Miss Polly for my entry. I just love the 60's feel to this design.
Since Miss Polly really channels that retro vibe, I figured I could get away with a totally psychedelic print! Add to that my 3 year olds love of cats, and I arrived at Tula Pink's Tabby Road collection!  

There's nothing more delightful than seeing my daughter's face light up when she sees I've sewn something with her in mind!

Not the delighted face expression here!

Much more delighted!

The A-line silhouette of Miss Polly makes for a sweet dress on girls of any age, plus the huge apron pocket is always a winner. 

Large apron pocket is perfect for treasures found in the park - or a sweet or two!

With Autumn in full swing here in Perth, Western Australia, I decided to choose a 3/4 sleeve and optional feature shoulder tabs.

Paired with stockings and boots, Miss Polly is perfect for cool weather.

For those thinking about sewing up a Miss Polly, the biggest challenge is the invisible zip. So I would recommend this sew for intermediate sewers.

I created my own piping from lime green satin bias and matched it with lime green flower buttons - picking up on the subtle green tone in the fabric.
My contrast fabric is hot pink pinwale corduroy. Thicker than quilting cotton, but again, perfect for cooler weather.

It is always a pleasure to sew up SewPony designs. They really have a timeless appeal and I know I will keep reaching for these patterns even as my daughter grows older.
Win or lose, you will always win when sewing SewPony! And if you would like to enter your own garment, please see all the relevant information HERE.
Not only that, during the competition ALL SewPony patterns are 10% off with coupon code DRESSEDINSEWPONY

Happy Sewing!
~ Zoe ~

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Foo Foo Threads a PDF Pattern love affair!

Greetings sewer! Let me show you four of my latest sews from PDF pattern label - Foo Foo Threads. Foo Foo Threads was actually one of my very first PDF pattern finds and with great deals on bundles, I quickly snapped up three patterns!! Approximately three years on, here I am, honoured tester for the newest three (technically four) Foo Foo patterns! 

Meet Clementine, no no, not the delicious citrus fruit! But the very latest vintage inspired dress pattern by Jocelyn of Foo Foo Threads!

This delightful pattern includes sizes 6 months to 10 years and suits intermediate sewers.

If you choose to omit the flutter sleeves, then a confidante beginner could easily whip a Clementine up! The trickiest part is assembling the sides and flutters. Take your time, mark your notches and keep to the seam allowances and you'll do just fine! 
I'm a big fan of ruffles and flutters, so those gorgeous flutters just really set this dress off! For older girls, a collar with no flutters would look super smart too!

Now the best feature (says me) of Clementine would have to be that amazing back detail! I love the back ties and with the lower back elastic, it makes this dress adjustable which means it will last.

That means that sweet collar comes in with second best feature prize (again, also my personal opinion here!) However, if you'd rather leave it off, then please do!

I also opted to add the optional sash tie.

You have two options for skirts - full circle or (as I did) gathered rectangular. This was due to my limited fabric and the directional print. Both options are stunning!

The best way to dress your child in Clementine (and with a lot of other - not just Foo Foo dresses) is to have your girl step in from the top and pull up and pop her arms through - then tie up!

Can you spot Peppa? hehehe

To add some extra poof to my Clem, I popped under a petti skirt.

Noticed this stunning hot air-balloon print fabric? Check out Fabric Trove for your all your stunning fabric needs!

If you would like to see more amazing tester photos and/or purchase your very own copy of Clementine, do so HERE


Buttercream Icing Dress & Headband Pattern

This sweet layered, princess-style dress pattern is the perfect solution when your very own princess requests a dress with a difference!

Buttercream Icing has gorgeous puff sleeves, sweetheart neckline, princess seams, optional sash and a triple layered skirt.

Not only do you get a gorgeous dress pattern, but also a fabric rose brooch or headband pattern!

With plenty of gather, this skirt is super twirly!

Buttercream includes sizes 6 months to 10 years and suits advanced beginners.

No one part of this pattern is all that difficult, although it is a labour of love! So set aside an evening or two to complete this number.

My Buttercream Icing was Elsa themed by request of Miss A - who at 3 has recently discovered the delights of Frozen!

You can choose to shirr the back of your dress (as I did) or if shirring isn't something you wish to tackle, there are instructions to make elastic casings.

My version is sewn from printed satin, with a plain satin sash, but this pattern suits a range of different fabric types from quilters cotton and poplin to taffeta and more!

The fabric rose is another little bonus that I really enjoyed making!! I chose to use a glue gun to create the roses I made for the headband and sash, although you can hand stitch them.

This dress is in high rotation and will be a real winner with your little girl! To see more tester photos and purchase the Buttercream Icing & Headband pattern, please click HERE.

Marley Pants & Camille Top

Before our Aussie weather took a cool turn - still fair although not beach weather any longer! I was able to test the Marley pants and Camille top!

The Marley pants are for woven fabric and come in capri and full length

The Marley pants have amazing button plackets which are prime to feature some gorgeous buttons! (You know how I love buttons!! Squeeee!!)

Sizes 6 months to 10 girls included in this pattern, and with a comfy elastic waistband they make a snappy but flexible pair of pants.

I chose to add ribbon along the top of my Marley pants ruffle, but lace, ric rac or other feature trim would really set these pants off.

To go with your stunning Marley pants is this really cute top! The Camille!

Designed for knit fabric - although ruffles and flutter sleeves can be made using wovens, this is a great pattern to start with if your still new to knit fabric.

Camille can be sewn with short flutter sleeves - as I have done or with long sleeves, with or without flutters.

Camille is also made with sizes 6 months to 10 years included.

It was a stunning calm day at the beach, but sadly the water was filled with stinging jellyfish!!

Camille has the option to add in a back keyhole closure if your knit isn't highly stretchy or your little one has a larger noggin (Aussie for head!)  

Headband pattern by Mummykins & Me

I love this pairing, although these patterns are available as a bundle, you may also purchase separately.

To find more inspiration or purchase the Marley & Camille patterns, please click HERE. 

To share all your Foo Foo creations, ask Foo Foo questions or be inspired, please join the Foo Foo Threads Sewing Enthusiasts Facebook Group!

Now just leaving you with some little treasures I spotted at the beach! This is the Leeuwin - a replica sail boat.
Now this little delight was actually really tiny! Half an inch in size with another tiny shell inside! I was enraptured! (I may be a legitimate weirdo - I know! But there you go! It's the small stuff!) 

Until next time friend, happy sewing!
~ Zoe ~