Wednesday 8 June 2016

Tessa Rose Skirt & My Mickey Mouse Mash!!

I'm so pleased to share another PollyWoggles pattern!! Heidi creates such beautiful, functional patterns, which in turn, creates beautiful, functional clothing! Which I truly enjoy sewing! Tessa Rose was such a fun skirt to make! 

The pattern includes sizes 2T to 10 girls. Although, if you have any prior sewing knowledge, you could easily create bigger or even smaller sizes. This a fantastic beginners pattern!

The pattern is for a maxi length, patchwork skirt. There are no pattern pieces, so no printing off stacks of paper & spending time sticking, cutting & tracing! I personally have no issues with no "pattern pieces" patterns! I like the lack of mess, which my children make plenty of any way!

I also like that this pattern gives you plenty of creative freedom. You get to choose the length of each patchwork piece, so this pattern also makes a fantastic scrap buster! I kept very uniform with my sizing and chose to keep my patches identical in size for each layer, however, making them larger in width for each tier that got wider in size. (Apologies if this is going over heads, although you'll completely understand if you purchase the pattern & give it a go yourself!)
I also appreciated that all the cutting charts were provided in metric & imperial. A rare treat for those of us used to the metric system, but purchase American patterns regularly.

My Mickey Mouse Mash-up Dress!

So I loved Tessa Rose, but for a 2 year old, maxi-length dresses & skirts aren't terribly practical! I also LOVED the patchwork features and decided it would make a gorgeous dress.

I had yet to try out the very cute Lily Giggle "Bridgette Bowtie Top", but figured it would make the perfect bodice for my modified Tessa Rose skirt.
This is a mash that incorporates knit & woven fabrics. Knits are highly comfortable to wear, although perhaps a little more tricky to sew with! But I can assure you, it is worth the trouble!!

The skirt I shortened and added a ruffle to the bottom edge - which was simply WOF (width of fabric) x 3. For larger sizes, you would want to add more length to the ruffle - or for an even more ruffled effect.

The skirt also needed widening for my project, I simply added 50% more in the overall width of the tiers. I wanted a skirt that my daughter could twirl in!

I needed to cut & sew approximately 60 patches!! I can assure you, it does truly pay off! I have a little girl who will happily wear this dress any time to toddler dance.... and we all know.... getting the child to wear & love the clothing you make is part of the challenge! I know for a fact, my daughter would rather wear a unicorn costume everywhere as opposed to actual clothing!!

While I have you here, I'll just share that these photos were taken at a beautiful national park - only 5 minutes from us! Check out that amazing Xanthorrhoea plant to the right!

While Tessa Rose is brand new and available now for purchase (link below), unfortunately Lily Giggle patterns have shut up shop. I'm certain if you chose to re-create this look, there would be other similar patterns available - or even up-cycling an existing shirt would easily work! (A quick way to use an old shirt that is perhaps now too short or not as well loved as it once was!)


To find out more or purchase the Tessa Rose skirt, please visit PollyWoggles HERE 

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