Saturday 23 June 2018

Harmania PDF Sewing Pattern by Sansahash

Welcome!! Let me introduce you to Sansahash's latest pattern, the Harmania dress! (I do enjoy the makes me think of harmonious organized chaos!)

Harmania comes with sizes 6 months to 12 years included. Layered pattern pieces and clear grading instructions for a perfect fit! 

Harmania comes with several sleeve options:
  • Spaghetti strap (or sleeveless)
  • Short sleeve
  • 3/4 length sleeve
  • Long sleeve (as per my sample.)

This pattern has the option of adding godets, which are segment shaped inserts sewn into the skirt. Now, I'm not a novice sewer, but I did find the godets a real challenge with the knit fabric! Like a BIG challenge and to be honest I wasn't happy with my sewing - even with hand sewing the tips of the godets.
Let me say here, this is not a pattern issue, other testers had no issues and the instructions are clear (I personally just had a difficult time! Some find zips a challenge.....apparently it's godets for me!) 

"Come on Mum!" (My little lady doesn't always enjoy photos!)

Even though I found the godets a challenge, I ADORE the end result and so did my little Miss! It turned an 'A' line shaped dress into a full circle was worth the pain!
Allow extra time when sewing the godets, minus the godets this is a quick 20 minutes quick....with the godets, allow at least an extra hour or more! (If you're like me any way!)

Full twirl in action!! My version is made from 4 way stretch cotton jersey, with sequin knit godets. (We love a little sparkle in our house!)

If you are looking for a fun, sporty, fast knit sew, Harmania is the one for you! I can see this pattern sewn up as the most adorable cheerleader or sports dresses! My husband thought this version looked like an ice-skaters costume! (I agree!)
To see more inspiration or share your Sansahash sews, please join the Facebook group HERE.
To get your copy of the Harmania, visit Sansahash HERE.
Happy Sewing!

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