Saturday 27 August 2016

Miss Daisy's Capsule Wardrobe - Patterns by Grammies Dolls

I've had the delight of testing this wonderful capsule wardrobe for Grammies Dolls. As always, I thoroughly enjoy sewing Grammies Dolls patterns. Yesteryear designs, which look adorable on little girls.

The nine separate looks created using the Bella Blouse & separate bottoms & jackets

This collection of patterns - known as "Miss Daisy's Wardrobe" - consists of 5 separate patterns. The Bella School Day Blouse & Skirt, Sopfyes Shirt, Summer's Crop Jacket and Carla's Pantaloons. 

I made eight separate garments. With only those eight, I was able to create 27, yes 27 different looks!!

I made one Bella blouse as shown above and also in the collage above.

The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have a miniature wardrobe with many different looks to suit different weather & even different occasions while only using a handful of garments!

These patterns include sizes 1 to 16 girls and suit sewing abilities from beginner to intermediate (if you consider buttonholes an intermediate skill.)

The nine different combinations using the collar-less Sophye Shirt 
The Sophye Shirt is a new sew to me, it is a peasant style shirt with sweet puff sleeves & gathered waist. 

Paired with a long sleeve, fleece lined Summer crop jacket it makes for an adorable Spring (or Fall) outfit.

I made two lengths of the Carla pantaloons, the capri (shown above) and the full length (shown below.)

The pantaloons also include a short length, so potentially has three different looks all of its own. I made two Summer jackets - one short sleeve - above - and one long sleeved (below.) Both jackets I chose to line - I like the weight of a lined jacket and also the finish it produces. Lined clothing - especially jackets just ooze quality. I highly recommend taking the extra time & effort to line them.  

All my garments are made from either 100% cotton or a poly/cotton blend (excluding the fleece lining used for the long sleeved jacket & the tulle used for the Bella skirt.)

I have full reviews for the Summer's Breeze Crop Jacket and Bella's School Day Blouse & Skirt , please take a look to find out more about these patterns individually.

The last nine combinations using the collared version of the Sophyes Shirt

I was so lucky so have the opportunity to take the last of the snaps (photos) at the beach!! It is still WINTER here in Australia, but we had a beautiful, clear, not-so-cold day! 

The last shirt I made, I decided to see what it would look like with a collar, so I used the collar from the Bella blouse. I used this collar so the look could easily be replicated, however I did find that the collar is actually a bit short. The neck line required gathering and perhaps I should have gathered it more. If I try this modification again, I'll likely draft a different collar.

It may come across that we are bird watchers with all the birds we seem to have in our photos!! I can assure you it is just a lucky coincidence! Here is an Australian Pelican .

While my daughter has a wardrobe more like a space station than a capsule, I love the idea! This is also a great way to try out a collection of Grammies Doll's patterns.
If you would like to purchase Miss Daisy's Wardrobe, please click HERE 

Please check out one of my fellow pattern testers - Amanda from Crazy Davis Life - wonderful blog post HERE

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