Tuesday 17 May 2016

Adventures of a pink cat! Hooded Animal Scarf & Animazing Skirt - Patterns by Big Little & LLK

My daughter absolutely adores cats. She loves other little cute furry animals too, like bunnies, but cats are defiantly #1! Despite her worried look in this photo (she had just had enough of being behind the camera!) She actually LOVES this hooded scarf-hat.
Today I'm going to talk about two patterns, which I chose for my daughter in mind, because as much as I love vintage florals and quaint clothing, she really loves FUN!
So here is my review of the Animal Ears Hooded Scarf - pattern by Big Little & the Animazing Suspender Skirt - pattern by Little Lizard King (LLK.)

Animal Ears Hooded Scarf - Pattern by Big Little


Lets talk about the hooded scarf. This PDF pattern by New Zealand designer Big Little Patterns comes with sizes 3 months to adult included. Great value! I mean, when I get around to a "selfish sew", this will be on my "Make it" list!

This pattern comes with three different views to choose from, a hooded scarf - which has a full length scarf to wrap around ones neck. Or a hooded cowl, which fixes with buttons (or snaps) at the throat and lastly - the version I chose - the hooded crossover. The crossover has short scarf ends the fix together with a single button.

Once you've selected the size & style, then you can select your animal! Really only your imagination limits you on this one, however the pattern includes ear patterns & tutorials for a fox, cat, giraffe, horse, unicorn, donkey, lion, mouse, bear & rabbit.

The scarf is fully lined and you could just about choose any fabric you wish to construct it, however it would be advisable to choose something heavier than poplin. I selected a very soft faux fur - which was an up-cycled throw blanket! (So much softer and cheaper than faux fur by the metre!) Then I lined it with a quilters cotton.

It is a straight forward sew, although I advise you not to start construction at 11pm! (Yes, I did need to unpick and re-sew the ears 3 times.... no mean feat with faux fur!) This pattern would suit a beginner.
I added a stiff iron on interfacing layer to the ears, just to give them a ridged shape & so they would stand up nicely. I feel the front of the hood could have done with a layer of lighter weight interfacing too, just to give the brim a bit more shape - I would strongly recommend this for softer or lighter weight fabrics.
Add a feature button to close the scarf & you really have a stellar little hat! My daughter is thrilled to bits with hers and hasn't removed it all day!! (I think this one is going to be constantly in the
 wash with all the wear its going to get!! Better make two.......)

Little Lizard King's Animazing Suspender Skirt 

I've made several of these cute suspender skirts now & their sister - the Timeless Treasures Suspender Skirt. Each one is unique and quirky! This PDF pattern includes sizes 12 months to 14 girls.

Just like Big Little's Hooded Animal Scarf, the Animazing skirts are only limited by your imagination. While the pattern comes with templates for a fox, rabbit, cat, mouse, dog and bear, you can choose to create any animal you can think of! Not long ago I participated in the Animazing Sew along over at LLK's fan page. I saw MANY amazing animals.... including a jellyfish!!

I love adding texture to my daughter's more fun outfits and it was a fabulous excuse to use more faux fur! I decided to use an external lace zip to close the skirt - as opposed to buttons, I've also done a shirred back one - my own modification - it worked well also!
You can choose to tie back your straps - like mine - or add elastic internally. The skirt is super easy to just pull up - no need to go over heads (a bonus in my books!)

I also chose to modify the skirt and used WOF (width of fabric) skirt layers and doubled the layers. I used pink poplin for the bottom layer and topped it with white lace.

The bodice is quite fitted, so always measure your intended wearer! Make the size that suits the waist measurement of your child. It is very simple to blend sizes with this pattern. The only print off pattern pieces are the animal features.

I would rate this pattern as intended for adventurous beginners. The instructions are clear and well thought out photos of each step provided.
The designers are also very responsive & I would suggest you join the Facebook fan group.  

I did not pattern test either of these garments and all my views are purely my own. I own several LLK patterns and I hope to show you more of their lovely designs!
If you would like to find out more or purchase your own copy of the Animazing Skirt, please click HERE

Or alternatively, if you should wish to find out more about the Hooded Animal Scarf or purchase the pattern, please visit Big Little HERE
The fur was flying - literally - with these ones, but it was worth it for the look of utter delight on my daughters face!

What is a cat?

Gentle eyes
that see so much,
paws that have
the quiet touch.
Purrs to signal
"all is well"
and show more love
than words can tell.
Graceful movements
touched with pride,
a calming presence
by our side.
A friendship
that will last and grow -
small wonder
why we love them so.
Author Unknown


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