Sunday 1 May 2016

Hampton Top - Pattern by Made for Mermaids

Since I'm at the very beginning of my blogging adventure, I thought I'd back track and show you some of my favourite recent sews. Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more often than usual.....just to get started! This beautiful top is a design by Made for Mermaids. Hampton is the design and it can be made into a top - as I've done - or even as a dress or romper.

It has a size range from 6 months to 8yrs (approx.) Always check your child's measurements against the sizing chart. As I have a tall & slender child, I often need to blend sizes, and that's exactly what I've done here. The pattern easily allowed me to choose a narrow waist line & longer bodice & skirt.
This pattern, like many PDF patterns had photographs of each step, I did find the photographs could have been clearer in some steps, but I was still able to follow along without too much trouble. This pattern would certainly suit an adventurous beginner sewer. There are no button holes - it has an elastic loop at the back - I chose to have one only - but you could add three or more depending on your button choice.   

The ruffle "butterfly" sleeves (as my daughter called them - after giving me a daring flying display) can be left off if desired. I rounded my sleeves at the bases, however you can also leave them square if you don't want to go to the trouble of tapering them (I believe you get a smoother finish if you round them.)

The sides are elasticated to give a beautiful fit, but bow ties are also a lovely feature that helps give that fitted waist. You have an option of big bow ties (as I chose to do) or "normal" sash ties - either would look lovely.

I also chose to jazz up my bodice front with a faux bib feature, I added lace and buttons to give it extra pizazz. When I'm able to figure out this blog thing, I'll try and add some templates! This is an extra design feature of my own.

Pair it with Bonny leggings (also by MFM) and your set to go!! To check out the Hampton for yourself, please visit  


  1. Very pretty! Love the fabric and the model. Can't wait to see more.