Tuesday 14 February 2017

Sew Valentine!! PLUS I'm hosting a VIDEO Sew-a-Long!

Once upon a time, my hubby & I would celebrate Valentines....chocolate, flowers, jewellery, special dinners out......THEN......we had children!! LOL.... and so Valentines day got filed into the too hard, too expensive basket.

But this year, I decided I would use Valentine's day as a great excuse to sew up something extra pink, full of hearts and totally yummy for my favourite girl!

The halter neck top is "Reagan" - pattern by Ellie & Mac.

This cute pattern comes with sizes 6 months to 12 years included & only requires you to print ONE pattern piece! How cool is that? (Love a paper saving pattern!)

Giving me the "death" stare!
I love the two tiers of ruffles which make up the skirt portion of the top - there's something so fun about ruffles on little girls!

The bodice is fully lined and no shirring required on this one (I can hear some of you breathing a sigh of relief!) Elastic casings in the back give the top stretch, although I personally added an extra row of elastic - the very top row. The original pattern leaves the top of the back bodice all ruffle-y, but I actually don't find the appeal in it, so added another row of elastic just to bring the top in nicely.

I left off the optional front sash, as I already had a VERY busy couple of prints and decided I'd like to add a row of ribbon & lace for embellishment.

The back ties are another modification I added.....because.....well.....I didn't name my clothing label "Belles & Bows" for nothing!! I do love me some bows!!

Knot tie headband pattern by 421 Myer Design Studio
My Reagan is made from quilters cotton, although this pattern would work well with knits, lace, poplin and others.

I made my top using my daughters measurements and I highly recommend you check your intended wearer's sizes to make sure you sew the size that will fit your child. I chose to cut my elastic to size as per my daughter's measurements and not as per the cutting chart. This always ensures a great fit. I found this pattern to run on the slim side - which is great for my daughter, but not everyone!

Reagan is a good, fun beginners pattern. Stunning results for minimal effort. I hope to show you more from Ellie and Mac soon......something new is currently in testing!!

We stole into a little local vineyard not far from home to take these photos. The vines are looking extra lush at the moment and heavy with fruit.

No grapes were harmed while photo session was in progress......but....... I couldn't guarantee the same after the fact......delicious grapes!

E & E Patterns - Bubble Pocket Shorts

I won't lie, I do LOVE bubble shorts! I have a small stash of bubble shorts patterns by all different designers - all different - but deliciously bubbly!  
This Sailor version is by Elegance & Elephant patterns. It is the older version and is only available upon request. The newer pattern only has the elasticated waistband option, although has a greater refinement of sizes (6-12 months up to size 12 girls.)

I love buttons, so my interest in this pattern was of course for the sailor version. It requires an intermediate level of sewing skills. However, it is well worth the trouble! The large side pockets are a great place to store treasures.......or snacks......  

The shorts themselves are high waisted and have an adjustable back waistband - which for my skinny Minnie is a must!! My version is sewn using a soft cotton canvas, so is a little heavier than quilting cotton, although the pattern can handle being sewn in medium weight fabric.
 I embellished the shorts with pocket bows and stunning pink bling buttons........well.....I did say about my button "thing" or, well.....my thing for buttons............             
 b   u   t   t   o   n   s .......love........can't get enough!

I'm hosting a VIDEO sew-a-long!

So, best for last! I have some exciting news! Not only was I presented with the privilege of helping admin the Mummykin's & Me pattern group, (supported already by a full & knowledgeable team), Rebecca (boss lady) asked if I would film sewing tutorials of her patterns!! YES, film sewing Mummykin patterns!!

Of course I couldn't pass up this honour! It was a highly validating moment and an opportunity that couldn't be missed. No, I have never done anything like this before! I'm no professional telly host or camera woman, just a passionate sewer. I hope in this way, you will find me "normal" and relatable?!

We shall all journey through this together and I hope that these videos, which will be used to run sew-a-longs will inspire & guide sewers.

First cab off the rank is the reversible "Alice" dress. A beautiful 'A' line style dress.

The PDF pattern comes with sizes newborn to 12 years included. Yes, you will need to sew 2 buttonholes or alternatively use snaps....but I do implore you to give buttons a try!  

Alice is a fabulous beginners pattern, so if you haven't sewn ANYTHING before, this dress could be the opportunity that awaits you!

The sew-a-long runs from Wednesday February 15th until Wednesday February 22nd 2017. Join the Mummykins & Me pattern group HERE.  The group event can be found HERE
There's prizes up for grabs, plus you'll have your adorable Alice dress at the end of it! If you can't do the event, or just want to check out how to sew the Alice dress, the videos will be up on the Mummykins & Me YouTube channel after the event! (Also visit the Mummykins & Me website for all the links.)
Happy sewing!
- Zoe

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