Thursday 17 November 2016

Finley & Quinn - Robe Pattern by PollyWoggles - Blog tour

I'm probably more of a blog "tourist", because up until now, I've never been part of a "Blog Tour." So please excuse me if I just bumble my way through this! But I'm first cab off the rank as it were (after our esteemed designer - Heidi), so let us begin!
It's time for something a little different! But perhaps apt for those who are now coming into winter in their parts of the world! Pollywoggles has just released a “dressing gown” pattern (this is what we would call it in Australia!)
And.......wait for it...... if you join us over at the Pollywoggles Sewing Circle  (Facebook group), you can get the coupon code to get this pattern for absolutely FREE!!! Yes! You heard me!! FREE!



The Finley & Quinn robe comes with sizes 12 months to 10 years included. It is a unisex pattern and with the right fabric selection can be made very girly/masculine or gender neutral.


Fleece is probably the best option to make this robe a fast, super warm sew. However it would also look amazing in minky or if you are looking for a lighter weight option (like me), the robe also works very well in flannel.


I love flannel. Firstly because it is 100% cotton, secondly, it is still very warm & cuddly, and lastly, flannel has some great print options!


The sew itself is a great beginners pattern. If using fleece, there is also no need to finish edges! No serger (overlocker) required!

I was surprised at how quickly the robe came together & how wonderful it looked! The pockets are a great feature, useful & attractive.... although, you could leave them off if you chose (or were struggling for time.) I colour blocked the top of my pockets – this is not included in the pattern, but very easy to do. I simply folded over the pocket edge where I wanted my white fleece to start & added 6mm seam allowance. I cut my flannel to my fold line (plus 6mm). Then cut my fleece (plus 6mm) using the smaller remaining template piece.


I chose fleece as my collar/cuffs (and colour blocker) as it provided a nice contrast to the fun cat print flannel. It is also super soft!


You will find that the collar is the trickiest part of the pattern, however, if you proceed slowly, read the instructions at least 10 times first (and as you proceed), you will have no trouble!


Pollywoggle’s patterns are very thorough, and as such, have plenty of written instructions (accompanied by step-by-step photographs.) Do not be intimidated by all that writing! (lol) I can assure you, it is not scary! “Heidi’s Helpful Hints” are also a fantastic little extra that I really loved seeing throughout the pattern.

I love the attached belt (no loosing pesky dressing gown ties!) And the easy hook loop – no excuses kids for not hanging up that gown!

Matching pyjama's are Once Upon a Sewing Machine's  ruffled PJ top (minus the ruffle) and pants are Carla's Pantaloons by Grammies Dolls.
To find out more about Pollywoggles, please click HERE 
To read Heidi's (the brains & beauty) behind Pollywoggles blog post, do so HERE

Let the tour continue. . . . . . .

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Band add-on Tutorial

Now, my dressing gown also has a little extra. You may have noticed the fleece band around the bottom of my gown?! Well, that isn’t in the pattern folks, BUT, I’m about to tell you have to add your own! Super easy peezy!
At step 27, instead of hemming your gown, STOP! Leave it raw and go ahead and finish the rest of the gown as instructed.
When your gown is complete – save for the hem, measure that bottom edge of the gown. Using this measurement, add ¾’  (or 2cm) to this measurement. This is the length of your band – which now includes a seam allowance. The height of your band can be your own choice, but consider that it is a folded band, so you need to double the height you’d like it to be (and also consider it will need a seam allowance.) I chose to make my band 5’ (13cm) tall. So when folded it would be just under 2.5’ when the seam allowance is deducted.  


Take your band, fold it in half, so long edges are lining up and RIGHT sides are facing.


 Sew the short edges using the 3/8’ seam allowance.

Remove the bulk and turn the right way around. Use a chop stick or your preferred turning device to pop out those corners.



Now take your band and pin it to your gown – lining up those raw edges. Be extra careful to make sure the short edges of the band line up perfectly with your gown! You don’t want that band protruding once it has been sewn on!


Sew your band on! There is no need to finish your edges if using fleece, however, if using flannel (or even minky) finish those edges – a zig-zag stitch or serged edge works best.
Now turn down your band – carefully press or pin up your seam allowance (so it faces upwards towards the top of the gown.)


Top stitch your band. You can choose to “stitch in the ditch” or 1/8’ above. Just make sure you catch the seam allowance.

Done! You are now complete! Try that robe on your little one and see their face light up!


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