Monday 10 October 2016

Foxglove & Peppercorn - Pumpkin & Bunny Patterns

Greetings!! Again I'm so behind on my blogging! But the sew must go on! (hehe!) This time I'd like to introduce you to the Foxglove top & Peppercorn pants/shorts - patterns by Pumpkin & Bunny.

Both of these patterns come with sizes newborn to 14 included.


Let me start with Foxglove, this gorgeous little top is a quick & easy sew and really suits beginners, but is a must for anyone who is sewing for summer.

With cross over straps, the "skirt" is pleated or gathered at the back. The bodice is lined & there are no exposed seams inside or out. I am thrilled with the seamlessness of Sparrow's patterns!

It is a free flowing sort of top that moves with the child. Bending down, twirling around, reaching up....... this top moves as she does.

It is easy to just pop Foxglove over her head & pull her arms through..... although rumour has it that it's not a "Dad" proof top! But hey...... there's not many of those out there!! Besides, at least the front & back are easy to tell apart, so in our house, that's the main thing!
I will be sewing many more of these beauties..... once summer decides it's actually coming!! (We had hail last week and it's halfway through SPRING!)
Foxglove is available HERE


Peppercorn is a special pattern. This pattern produces a wonderfully professional finish & again is as beautiful inside as out.
This version I added a split to the shorts & threaded a ribbon through. To do this, you need to leave the bottom 3 inches of the side seams unsewn - make sure you stay-stitch so the shorts won't be prone to splitting at the seam your leaving open.
Stitch either side of your split using a 1/4" allowance, tapering at the top or sewing across the top (above the split.) Hem & thread through your ribbon or cord! Now your done!! I rather like the girlish touch this adds when using ribbon.

This is the original version and is a little more full in the front & tush areas. But the pleats are still there as is the functional pockets.
I used chambury for this pair, which is lightweight & suits this pattern as it avoids too much bulk.
"Eye spy with my little eye, something beginning with...... JELLYBEAN!"

Swan River, Perth Western Australia (our back drop today.)
This is my second pair of Peppercorn shorts, and this pair I made in a fabric I would describe being of denim weight but it also had a small amount of stretch.

As you can see, this pattern even includes instructions on how to make the most adorable back pockets! Seriously, they were the cutest little pockets I've ever made!! Like, squeal with delight cute!! Trust me!!

I paired this pair of Peppercorns with the delightful Lily jacket, which is a FREE pattern - also available from Pumpkin & Bunny
This pattern also taught me a new trick... and I have to say, while I feel I'm still learning ALL the time, there isn't much I haven't tried. So if you haven't heard of "flat felled seams" you will learn all about them with Peppercorn - a mini tutorial is included in the pattern. I felt like I'd just conducted a little bit of sewing magic sewing those seams!

I love the Peppercorn's flat button up front waistband. Again, my love of buttons is shining through! I just adore a feature button!!

As Peppercorn has an elasticated back, I found I didn't even need to undo the front buttons for dressing/undressing - although they are fully functional.

Peppercorn is not a quick sew and suits intermediate sewers, although the pattern is very well written & photographs of each step provided. It also has layered pattern pieces so even an adventurous beginner could give it a crack!
I've tested a few patterns now for Pumpkin & Bunny and each one has been special. Designed with a great deal of thought, not only with appearance in mind, but function, comfort and finish.
If you would like to find out more or purchase this pattern, Peppercorn is available here.

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