Sunday 16 October 2016

Esther Rose & Ruffle Bum Romper - Foo Foo Thread Patterns


Esther Rose Dress

There are some designers I absolutely love, but appear untouchable. I happily buy their patterns, but don't get the honour of pattern testing, which in itself isn't an issue - well not for me, as I'm a happy consumer!

However, when Jocelyn from Foo Foo Threads mentioned she needed some extra pattern testers in certain sizes, I leapt at the chance (and nearly fell out of my chair!!! Foo Foo patterns are in my top favourite pattern list!) And lo & behold - lucky me - I'm here with Foo Foo Threads latest pattern!

So let me introduce "Esther Rose" .


This PDF pattern includes sizes 6mon to 8 girls. The pattern suits adventurous beginners who are familiar with buttonholes & gathering.

The front bib is an ideal location to show off special buttons

The bodice has a sewn in feature bib with ruffle - although if you wished to avoid the bib look, simply cut two front linings instead of one.
The back bodice is fixed with buttons & makes a great place to pop on those special feature buttons!

There are several options for the skirt. Full scallops & boarders, scallops, straight skirt with boarder or straight skirt.

I chose to sew the scallop & boarder version, which is the most involved option. It has 24 pieces total in the skirt alone, so is a time consuming feat. However, you will be rewarded with a beautiful scalloped skirt in the end!


The bodice is sleeveless, however it does layer well if your climate is cooling.

The pattern also includes instructions for an optional sash tie.
Add a tulle petty skirt under Esther Rose for a more full look. Like all Foo Foo patterns, this dress is special & is worth puffing out with that extra tulle!!

I loved this sew, but take your time or choose a simple skirt option. If you would like to find out more or purchase the pattern, please click HERE.

As any mother of a toddler, I struggle to get nice photos of my child!! And I just thought I'd share some "out-takes" of this session!!

Her brothers thought it would be hilarious if they taught her how to pull funny faces for the camera!! (I'm sure you can imagine my internal groan!)
While I'm on a Foo Foo roll (hehe - sounds tasty doesn't it?!) Let me also share my version of Foo Foo Threads ruffle romper.

Ruffle Bum Romper

Jocelyn has told me that this was in fact her very first pattern. I was even more curious & keen to sew it.

This romper suits confident beginners & starts at size 6mon all the way up to 6 girls!! Which is great value for a romper - often they stop at size 2 or 3T.


The original version has options for either a halter neck tie or front knot tie straps. I wanted to add ruffles to the straps, so chose to have the straps fix at the center back. In this instance I used snaps & made several length options so the suit could be adjusted as my daughter grew.

Another deviation I made was to have a snap crotch for easier changes/toileting. There is no messing around when toddlers need the potty!!


The legs are elasticated & create a wonderful bubble look with all those ruffles!!

The pattern gives free rein with the amount of ruffles you may or may not want to add. However, I prefer my ruffles overlapping, so I added some length to the suggested size.
No! I don't want my photo taken! No I don't want to walk on the other footpath! (the struggle is real!)

I also loved that this pattern is fully lined or reversible should you wish.

While we don't really "do" Halloween in our family (its not a big holiday here in Australia.) I couldn't resist these sugar skull skeleton cats!! Its just such a fun print & I'm always on the look out for fabulous cat prints for my little cat lady!!

If your interested in the ruffle romper pattern, please visit Foo Foo Threads HERE.

This little shoot was taken while we visited Kings Park Western Australia. Being spring here, there are some amazing flowers in bloom.

This little beauty is an Aussie classic, Desert Pea.

There was a vast array of Everlasting Daisys.

And finally, some very pretty and very iconic Kangaroo Paws (which happen to be WA's floral emblem!)

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