Monday 29 July 2019

Sanamu Romper Hack - PDF pattern by Sansahash

Greetings sewing friend! Welcome to my sewing space! Today I am sharing Sansahash's latest pattern, the Sanamu jumpsuit/dress. In todays blog I am firstly going to share my capri version of the Sanamu, THEN, share exactly how I made the tie-back hack.

Sanamu works best in lightweight, woven fabrics. My version is sewn in a cotton-feel polyester with in-built tassel trim (but you can easily add your own trims to replicate this look.) 

The sides are lace-up. You can use your button-hole feature on your sewing machine or insert eyelets (for those who like to hammer while they sew!) The sides allow some give when dressing or dashing to the loo if wearing a jumpsuit version. Although, I prefer the ease of tie-up straps, hence my modification! 

Tie-up back modification shown here

Sizes included in the pattern are 6 month to 12 years approximately. My version is a 2 width (yes she's slim!) By size 6 height. Do measure your intended wearing! Determining correct fit is vital with this pattern, measure twice, cut once as the saying goes.  

I would rate this pattern as an intermediate to advanced sew. The instructions are easy enough for a beginner to follow, however this isn't a quick one, so take your time.

Like all Sansahash patterns, the pattern pieces are layered, which makes grading a breeze! (Even when grading between a size 2 and 6!)

Now what you've been waiting for, follow on for my tie-back hack tutorial. You will need the full Sanamu pattern to follow along, so make sure you pick it up HERE (also available in Dutch and French.)

Tie Back Hack Tutorial 

What you will need:

Cut x 2 shoulder binding pieces with an extra 12.5" added to the suggested cutting chart length

Cut x 1 back loop, suggested size 1 @ 1.5" x 3"

Cut x 2 ruffles (if using) as per cutting chart

Press loop, long edges facing with WS together. Open up and press each long edge so it meets the centre pressing line you just made, press in half again (as per binding instruction included in the Sanamu tutorial.) Stitch long edge of loop piece.

Fold loop in half. Find the centre of your back bodice piece and stitch down your loop internally, with the raw edges of the loop and back bodice aligning. This step is done BEFORE adding your back bodice binding. This way the raw edges will be fully enclosed with the bodice binding.

Press strap bindings as per the tutorial, although at the end of each strap, press up 1/4", tucking this fold into the long edges. 

For strap ruffles, prepare as per tutorial with the exception of pressing up one short edge 1/4" and then 1/4" again. Repeat for second strap ruffle.

Stitch down one short and one long edge of each ruffle. Gather as per Sanamu tutorial.

Measure down and mark/pin each strap binding piece at the original suggested strap length. Gather strap ruffles to the length and sew in as per original tutorial, however, continuing sewing the entire length of the strap binding.

Add in straps to the FRONT bodice ONLY - as per the Sanamu tutorial. Then to tie, thread each strap through the back loop and tie.

Ta-dah! You now have a tie-back Sanamu! 

Please don't forget to share your Sanamu's with me! Post to the Sansahash Instragram or Facebook group page and tag me on IG, "soulfedonthread11". 

Happy sewing!


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