Tuesday 25 July 2017

Ruthie's Picnic Dress & Jessamine's Coat - Foo Foo Threads

It is my pleasure to share with you one of my latest test sews! The Ruthie's Picnic dress or top by Foo Foo Threads!

Ruthie's is not a new Foo Foo pattern, but a revamped older one. Which now has a larger size range (3-6 months to 12 years.)

Not only does Ruthie's have more sizes included, but this beautiful PDF pattern now has layered pattern pieces and options to create not only dresses, but tops! Which look totally adorbs with leggings or bubble shorts!

Ruthie's includes optional bib applique and sash, plus the option of a layered skirt, with or without ruffles.

Shoulder ruffles are standard on this pattern, however, should you wish to simplify, then just use the lining pieces as linings and main.

My Ruthie top is sewn from textured poly poplin, with quilting cotton trims. Any poplin which contains some polyester is less prone to wrinkles, which is a real plus in my books! (Less ironing required!!)

Ruthie's Picnic dress is a great confident beginner sew. The dress does require buttonholes, however, if you prefer, you could apply snaps (but I do adore buttons.....so basically I'll use any excuse to ply some on whenever I can!)

Summer fruit make even the coolest winter days seem warmer! *Dreaming of Summer!*

The Ruthie pattern also includes optional front dress pockets, for the top, I felt like the pockets would have cluttered up the look (especially as I was sewing a smaller size.)

Since I just LOVE anything Foo Foo, I squeezed in time to sew up the dress version! (As you can see by my colour choices, I'm longing for our winter to finish!!)

Double layered skirt with ruffle

Front patch pockets - perfect for storing treasures!


Now I'm just going to leave you peruse the photos (because lets face it....it's the best part of sewing blogs!! We all just want to see the sewing!!)

If you would like to see more of the tester photos or to purchase the pattern, then please visit Foo Foo Threads HERE.


Jessamine Girls Ruffle Back Coat

Another Foo Foo sew this winter was the Jessamine Coat. Although we haven't actually had too many overly chilly days to wear this delight!

Jessamine comes with sizes 6-9 months to 8 years included. It is an intermediate sew, not because any one step is difficult, just because sewing fully lined coats is an involved sew.

The coat pattern suggested 3 - 5 buttons and I admit, 3 wasn't enough for my tastes for this size 4 coat.
My version is sewn from cotton drill (Spotlight product) and lined in fleece. It created a very warm combination!
I also deviated from the original pattern by adding a faux fur trim to the hood. To do this, I reduced the size of the hood, allowed for seam allowances and cut my fur twice as wide as needed, so I could simply fold it in half. The faux fur trim was then sandwiched between the hood main and lining, stitched, then turned the right way before stitching the complete hood to the coat main (before the lining is stitched to the main.)
P.s. Tip for sewing with faux fur......be prepared to vacuum everything around you immediately after cutting...in fact.....be prepared to vacuum yourself!
I also chose to bring my back ruffles closer together, so they overlapped (just a personal  preference here!)

I adore sewing coats and I recommend Jessamine as a first Foo Foo coat sew if your up for the task!
See more about the Jessamine pattern HERE.
Happy sewing and see you soon!
~ Zoe ~

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